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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Hispanics in Arizona Brace for Thursday

As Arizona prepares to be the first state in the country that makes being an undocumented immigrant a crime, the Hispanic community is being spurred into action. National and Local organizations are calling for statewide demonstrations with protests outside the capitol in Phoenix. Emotions spiked as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpai, whose jurisdiction includes Phoenix, released plans of his already completed special Cellblock 1070 for locking up undocumented aliens arrested under the new law.
The hopes and dreams of many immigrant families are hinging on word from U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton. As she ponders the future of SB 1070 she has three options. She may allow the law to go into effect on Thursday, she may opt to stop certain parts from becoming effective, or she may deem it illegal in its entirety.