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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 25, 2010

Hispanics Helping Each Other: Please Become a Tissue Donor

Hispanics and Latinos are united by a common heritage that includes language and culture but more importantly there is a genetic heritage.  Since your tissue type is inherited from your parents, the best chance of finding a matching donor is with a brother or sister.  The NEXT BEST chance is with someone of the same race or ethnicity.  By increasing the number of Hispanic donors, more Hispanic children and adults facing life-threatening diseases can be saved through marrow transplant.  A marrow transplant requires matching tissue types between a patient and a donor.  You could be that donor.

Please join the National Marrow Donor Program, (NMDP), a nonprofit organization committed to supporting the Hispanic and Latino communities.  The NMDP works diligently to help more Hispanics and Latinos receive the transplants that can save their lives.  There are many success stories including that of Diego Lara, diagnosed with acute leukemia and needing a transplant after there was no suitable family match.  NMDP searched its pool of Hispanic donors to find a suitable match and success followed resulting in a health, happy Diego today.


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