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Latino Daily News

Monday June 20, 2011

Hispanics Fall Behind in Internet Use and Utilization

Hispanics Fall Behind in Internet Use and Utilization

Photo: Hispanics Fall Behind in Internet Use and Utilization

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Though recent reports have stated that Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic of tech users, a recent poll has indicated that they are still behind blacks and whites in web usage.

The fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S., Hispanics are at risk of falling behind the times, as experts say more education and employment opportunities are now available online.

The poll from the Washington Post, Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard University found that only 72 percent of Hispanics say they use the internet. This average is lower than that of African Americans and whites, and 57 percent say they do not have enough knowledge of computers and technology to hold their own in the current job market.

On the other side, only 46 percent of whites, and 45 percent of blacks polled felt the same insecurity about their ability to be competitive in the employment environment.

The percentage of Hispanics online could have a lot to do with economic factors, as on average, Hispanic families earning at least $40,000 are just as likely as whites and blacks to use the internet, while those making less are less likely to do so. The cost of having an internet-enabled computer at home is another issue, as many Hispanics believe it costs too much. However, not all those without home computers with internet are without a connection all together. Many can still access the internet via their mobile devices.

Also, the language barrier could be an issue. Of those polled in English, 88 percent said they go online at least occasionally, while those that were interviewed in Spanish, only 53 percent could say the same.