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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 28, 2011

Hispanic World Prepares for Nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina

Hispanic World Prepares for Nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina

Photo: Royal Couple

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The Hispanic world, like everywhere else, is preparing for the royal wedding nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina, as they will be known in the region.  Traditionally, the names of Popes, and members of the Royalty are translated, a practice alive since the Renaissance.  Beside presenting the royal couple with newly minted Spanish names, many other gifts from Latin America are in store for the couple.

Príncipe Guillermo and his fiancée have asked for donations to NGO’s and charities instead of presents. The governments of Argentina and Colombia however, will present the royals with silver cast presents—a vase, and a mate gourd, in addition to their donations. The vase, designed by Colombian artist Alexandra Agudelo is inspired in diverse pre-Columbian native motifs. The mate gourd, a special receptacle designed to brew and drink the Argentine herbal infusion was designed by silversmith Marcelo Toledo; the piece, an homage to wine, is in the shape of a bunch of grapes held by angels, or mermaids which rest on a vine leaf.

In Bolivia, the British ambassador Nigel Baker has extended a special invitation to a local couple, who is incidentally chose to get married at the same time than the royals; At the exact time that Príncipe Guillermo and his fiancée arrive at the reception, Alejandro Antezana Koisiner and his future wife Fabianna Rivera Aguilar, will arrive at the ambassador’s residency, accompanied by their parents and the bridal party for cocktails, a photo session in the English-style gardens and to receive a present from the diplomat, before being driven to the austere cozy church they chose to be married at.

Jose Antonio Iturrate, a Chilean polo player was one of the very few Latin Americans invited to the wedding, met the royals the first time the Chilean polo team defeated the British in 1998. Since then, Iturrate visits the royals every summer, whenever he goes to play polo in England. Despite the invitation, Iturtate will not attend, as he is hosting a polo competition in Santiago. He will arrive to the UK later on to deliver his present to the couple.

Queen Doña Sofía, Prince Don Felipe and Princess Doña Letizia, are the only Spanish royals in attendance. They have adhered to the suggestion of donating to charities instead of buying presents, although it is not known which charity they chose, nor the amount they donated.

For the event, Queen Sofía has chosen an embroidered blue dress, and Princess Letizia will done a terracotta pink dress. Prince Felipe had the choice of wearing a suit, but he decided to wear his Captain uniform for the Royal Navy.