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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 15, 2011

Hispanic Women Charged with Running Illegal Breast & Butt Silicone Clinic in Bronx, Used Krazy Glue

A Dominican Republic native and Bronx resident has been charged with running an illegal cosmetic enhancement clinic out of her apartment where she did boob and booty silicone injections.

Whalesca Castillo, 36, who is not a medical professional according to police reports has been ordering silicone from the Dominican Republic and using that in injections on unsuspecting women to enhance their breast and butt size, she is also alleged to have used Krazy Glue to seal up the wounds.

Castillo, who is eight months pregnant, would charge $1,000 for each procedure and would obtain clients that came to her nail salon and were looking for more than a manicure.  Police suspect she has been operating illegally since 2009.