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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 23, 2011

Hispanic Teen Pretends to be Pregnant at Local School to Highlight Stereotypes

Hispanic Teen Pretends to be Pregnant at Local School to Highlight Stereotypes

Photo: Gaby Rodriguez, Faked Teenage Pregnancy

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No everyone in Toppenish, Washington expected honor student Gaby Rodriguez to get pregnant at 17 years old but she did, well actually she faked it.  Why such an outlandish lie and hoax – it was a social experiment to debunk some myths about teen pregnancy and highlight the stereotypes associated with it.

One out –of-every six teens is pregnant and the U.S. has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world.  Recently there has been a lot of glamourizing of teen pregnancy through TV show’s like Teen Mom (one of MTV’s must popular ever) and 16 & Pregnant.

So Gaby convinced her mom, boyfriend, principal and school superintendent to go along with her ‘faux’ pregnancy and not say anything as her belly got bigger and bigger.  This stealth social experiment showed Gaby that being pregnant is isolating, and depressing.

She found that people and even her own friends were calling her irresponsible, that she would be a drop out even with her 3.8 GPA, and most painful that as a Hispanic teen it was bound to happen.  She felt alone and ashamed not at all glamorous like TV can make it seem.

She revealed the truth at a school assembly and was heralded for her boldness.  She was hoping to fight stereotypes, especially that not all teens, especially Hispanic teens get pregnant but if they do they need everyone’s support.