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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Hispanic Students Now the Majority in the Texas Public School System

Hispanic students attending the Texas public school system from prekindergarten to senior year in high school total 2.48 million making them the majority at 50.2%.

There are approximately 4.9 million children in the Texas school system and this is the first year they edge above the general population to become the majority.  10 years ago white students made up 43% of the students while Hispanics represented 40% of the student population and African-Americans made up the rest.

Education experts site the declining number of non-Hispanic white students enrolling in public school as the cause.  In addition in Texas like other areas in the U.S. the young Hispanic population is the fastest-growing demographic.

Regardless of attaining majority status Hispanic students continue to lag in high-school graduation rates and some of the ‘least educated’ counties in the U.S. are located on the Texas-Mexico border.