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Monday July 23, 2012

HISPANIC STANDOUT: Meet the Music World’s Latest Prodigy, 3-Year-Old Lavinia Ramirez (VIDEO)

HISPANIC STANDOUT: Meet the Music World’s Latest Prodigy, 3-Year-Old Lavinia Ramirez (VIDEO)

Photo: Meet the Music World's Latest Prodigy, 3-Year-Old Lavinia Ramirez

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She may have simply played “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano, but simply cannot describe how impressive it is for a 2-year-old to actually play a song on the piano.

Already being dubbed “Mini Mozart”, Lavinia Ramirez is getting quite a bit of attention after playing at her first concert after playing the piano for just 16 weeks at the impressively young age of two.

Lavinia’s parents say they knew their daughter, now three, was special even before she took on the piano.

‘Before she was two she could write numbers and letters and recognize them in books,” Lavinia’s mother, Jenna told the U.K.‘s Metro.

‘She told me what a trapezium was the other day; I didn’t know.’

The bright child also took a special interest in a toy piano her mother had given her for Christmas. When asked if she would like to learn to play a real one, the toddler told her parents she would.

Her mother and father then signed her up for lessons with instructor Matej Lehocky, an accomplished pianist himself, who studied at the Prague Conservatory of Music. After beginning to play the piano at the age of 4,  Lehocky earned three diplomas at the Prague Conservatory. And even though he began playing as a toddler, he still finds Lavinia astounding.

Not only does Lavinia have remarkable concentration for a child her age, she also possesses the impressive ability to follow instructions, something Lehocky says makes it “easy to work with her.”

Interestingly, neither Jenna nor Ian Ramirez play instruments.

‘I don’t know where Lavinia gets her brains from,’ Jenna told The Telegraph, ‘She’s more intelligent than me.’

The Ramirez family lives in Plymouth, Devon in England and Lavinia recently had her first performance at the Plymouth Piano School’s end of term concert in front of a crowd of about 200.

Both Lehocky and Lavinia’s parents agree that she may one day not want to play anymore, but should she continue, even more amazing things can be expected.

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