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Tuesday June 26, 2012

Hispanic Standout:  Hector Ramirez - Man with Most Emmy Nominations

Hispanic Standout:  Hector Ramirez - Man with Most Emmy Nominations

Photo: Hispanic Standout: Hector Ramirez - Man with Most Emmy Nominations

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You may not immediately know his name, but you have probably seen Hector Ramirez’s work, the work that has earned him the most Emmy nominations in the awards’ history.

At the 67, the Colombian native has been dubbed the most successful camera operator in history largely due to the fact that he has 64 nominations from the Academy of Arts & Sciences, with 17 wins under his belt.

The Wrap recently spoke with Martinez and asked him about some of the highlights and disappointments of his career.

Martinez may have a number of nominations and wins, but when asked if he ever felt snubbed, he recalled losing to a stand-up comedy special.

“I lost years ago when I was doing David Copperfield’s shows. I went to China for one, and it was a beautiful show; it had everything. The work was special,” he told The Wrap. “I lost to a stand-up comedy show in a room in Vegas somewhere…I was wondering if everyone was asleep.”

Though he really got into Hollywood in 1972 working for “All in the Family”In 1978, Ramirez was part of the team nominated for the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Daytime Programming for After Hours: Singing’, Swingin’ and All That Jazz. Later that year he

In a May 2011 interview for the Archive of American Television, Ramirez was asked what he believed was the most important image he had captured in his career.

“I would have to say, historically, Richard Nixon at San Clemente crying…after the Watergate case. There have been many pictures during my career, but I think that picture, I still have it in my head. I was the only camera. I was on a pool camera for CBS News … I was on the compound when he came to California after Watergate. I remember thinking, ‘My god, look where I am.’ I mean, I’m watching this President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, and he’s crying.”

Over the years, Ramirez has covered both the Daytime and Primetime Emmys, the Academy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and various others.

When asked which is his favorite, Ramirez told The Wrap, “The Grammys. I’ve been doing them now for 38 years. The Oscars are fun and everything, but they’re more formal and more dry. People come in and out quickly. There’s not too much to do. With the Grammys you’re there for five days and you see all the music, all the acts. It’s just a fun show to do.”