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Latino Daily News

Monday January 24, 2011

Hispanic Republican and Chair of Foreign Affair Comm., Ros-Lehtinen, Seeks to Reduce UN Funding

The new chairperson of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, has gone on the record and identified funding to the United Nations (UN) as “a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

She made the comments to The Hill and wants to quickly move forward to scale back funding to the UN especially the UN Human Rights Council.  She justified her position, by opining that the UN does not “advance UN interest” and therefore wants to “make sure that we once and for all kill all U.S. funding for that beast.”

It is not clear why Ros-Lehtinen feels the UN has to promote U.S. interests in order to be deemed viable, though she like many others are critical on the lack of transparency and fraud issues that have plagued the UN. 

The UN serves hundreds of nations including many Latin American nations that use the international body to solve conflicts or seek military intervention if like Costa Rica they do not have a standing military. 

The U.S. contributions to the UN through its various agencies was more than $6.35 billion in FY 2009.