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Latino Daily News

Friday March 9, 2012

Hispanic Hero: 6-Year-Old Kindergartner Jasiah Rubalcava Saves Choking Friend

Hispanic Hero: 6-Year-Old Kindergartner Jasiah Rubalcava Saves Choking Friend

Photo: Jasiah Rubalcava, 6, (right) is hugged by the friend he saved, Nicholas Carvajal (left)

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Last week Jasiah Rubalcava and his friend Nicholas Carvajal were having lunch at West Avenue Elementary in San Antonio, TX when Carvajal began choking on a Cheeto.

Noticing his friend’s red face, 6-year-old Rubalcava acted quickly and wrapped his arms around his Carvajal and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

Rubalcava said he didn’t want to wait for a cafeteria worker to come help and new his friend was in trouble. He was ultimately successful in dislodging the snack from his friend’s throat, saving his life. Just to be safe, Carvajal was taken to the nurses office, but it was determined that he was okay. The boy’s parent’s were told what happened after school.

When asked where he learned the maneuver Rubalcava says he may have seen it on an episode of Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. His mother told local news station KENS5 that this incident is the perfect reminder of why it is important to teach first aid to children.

And Carvajal’s father said his son has learned the importance of eating slower, saying his son is notorious for eating way too quickly.

During an interview, Carvajal hugged his friend saying, “Thank you for saving my life, buddy.”