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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 18, 2013

HISPANIC HEALTH: Why are U.S. Latinos Outliving Whites?

HISPANIC HEALTH: Why are U.S. Latinos Outliving Whites?

Photo: Latino Family

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Some call it the “Hispanic Mortality Paradox” – U.S. Latinos outliving whites while they are most likely to be uninsured and live in poverty- stricken areas. 

The most report by Measure of America called ‘The Measure of America 2013-2014” added to the paradox with data showing Latinos outliving whites by nearly four years and in certain parts of the country by as much as eight years.  Only Asians Americans were shown to live longer than U.S. Latinos.

This study, amongst others, have tried to figure out why Latinos outlive their white counterparts.  Measure of America’s research shows Latinos, on average, smoke and drink less than whites, which are two major risk factors for premature death, and—critically important—that there are cultural factors related to social support that seem to have a protective effect on Latino health.

Other groups have tied it to the support extended families provide in Latino communities.  Some have opined that the way Latinos help each other and have deep family roots is enough to over the barriers they face in accessing quality health care.

The study showed that African Americans whose life spans has increase still have the shortest life spans while Native Americans were the only group whose life expectancy did not increase from 2000-2010.

U.S. Latinos beware, however, the longer you live in the U.S. the lower your life expectancy becomes.  The more an immigrant assimilates to U.S. culture more fast food and less exercise become the norm -  all things that shorten someones life expectancy.