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Latino Daily News

Monday February 21, 2011

Hispanic Catholic Leader Reminds Everyone Christ was an Immigrant

Archbishop Jose Lopez, head of the U.S. bishops committee on migration and leader in the Los Angeles Catholic Church is reminding everyone that Christ was an immigrant.

Archbishop Gomez made his remarks in a keynote address to the annual Legatus Summit that brings together church and business leaders including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

He reminded everyone that the U.S. history is one of hope for the world’s poor and persecuted, worried that “Right now in this country, there are a lot of people-a lot of good people-who are saying things they know they should never be saying about immigrants.”

Gomez noted that the Catholic Church is involved in this issue not because it’s a political one but rather because it’s a religious issue.  “We care for the immigrant because Jesus commanded it.”  Reminding everyone that God chose to have Jesus live his life as a persecuted immigrant and the best way to serve him is to serve immigrants.