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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 2, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Loquita Cuts Up Ex-BF, Buries Body in Yard & Flower Pots in “Gardening Project”

LATINO BLOTTER: Loquita Cuts Up Ex-BF, Buries Body in Yard & Flower Pots in “Gardening Project”

Photo: Suspected of killing her ex-boyfriend, Carmen Montenegro. (Ontario Police Department)

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In suburban Los Angeles, a woman was arrested after police discovered she was wheeling around a trash can full of human remains.

The San Bernardino County police arrested Carmen Montenegro, 51, Sunday afternoon near the home of a relative. Police said she has been at the home regularly, but does not officially live there. She was taken into custody when police discovered that the trash bin she was moving away from the house held the remains of a human. Police believe there was only one person’s remains in the receptacle, but said the coroner would be confirming the assumption.

Montenegro’s ex-boyfriend had been missing for almost a month, and many wondered if the “parts” belong to the former lover. Late Wednesday, police confirmed that the victim is in fact Samuel Wiggins Jr., 53, the suspects ex-boyfriend.

Police officers had been keeping an eye on Montenegro after neighbors reported suspicious behavior and odd smells to the authorities.

Tuesday, police went to Wiggins’ home, which they described as a crime scene in a release Wednesday. Montenegro’s son and daughter, Daniel Ortiz, 25, and Chanel Alicia Ortiz, 26 have also been arrested under suspicion of acting as accessories to the killing. It is believed that the son transported the remains to the house Montenegro was arrested near.

Additional remains were found at Wiggins’ Bell Gardens home in flower pots.

A police release said, “…The San Bernardino County coroner confirmed that the human remains found in the trash can with Montenegro, as well as those buried in the flower pots at the Bell Gardens residence, were that of missing person Samuel Wiggins Jr. of Diamond Bar. The entire body has been recovered.”

The Sun of San Bernadino reported:

Carmen [Montenegro] of Riverside was arrested Sunday after she allegedly exhumed body parts in the backyard of a relative’s home …

She exhumed the dismembered corpse with help from a possible day laborer, according to a cousin, and later loaded the remains into a trash can.

After the laborer left, [Montenegro] sought help from the cousin, Matthew Bell, who refused to help and called 9-1-1 as he left the home on foot.

[Montenegro] followed Bell, still asking for help, and wheeled the trash can behind her … 

Bell said he believes [Montenegro] may have buried the corpse about a month ago, when she dug several large holes in the backyard during what she said was a gardening project.

Montenegro has been booked on murder charges, and remains in custody.
The video below appears to have been taken by a neighbor from within their own home, and shows Montenegro and a man – likely Bell—in handcuffs.

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