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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 4, 2011

High School Crowns Hispanic Transgender Student Prom Queen (VIDEO)

High School Crowns Hispanic Transgender Student Prom Queen (VIDEO)

Photo: Andiii Viveros

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Andii Viveros was announced as queen of the McFatter Technical High School prom on Friday.

“I don’t even remember what happened at that moment,” the 17-year old high school senior said. “I knew people were voting for me, people care enough to vote for me.”

Andii is not like any other prom queen though- she was born Andrew Viveros in Davie, Fla., where some of the people weren’t so understanding when she started living as a young woman two years ago.

She wears a full face of makeup to school, and dresses, and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

“Last year, she said I couldn’t wear a dress to school because it could create a disturbance,” said Viveros of a former principal. Viveros’ reaction? Wear a dress the very next day.

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