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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 14, 2010

Hero’s of Mexico’s Independence 1810-1821 Grow by 2

It is believed that the confusion began in 1925 when 12 urns holding remains of the founding fathers (and mother) were sealed and moved to crypts at the Independence monument. Twelve names of the independence activists were inscribed on the monument.

In preparation of the upcoming Independence celebrations, the urns were removed with great care and ceremony last May. It was determined that a thorough study would be done of the bones to insure that none were mislabeled in the last two centuries.

Experts spent more than two months studying the skeletal remains and have concluded that there are 14 sets of remains of the hero’s of Mexico’s 1810-1821 Independence War. “Undoubtedly there are 14 bodies there. There’s no doubt about that,” Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio said.

The two unidentified remains are of Pedro Moreno and Victor Rosales who died fighting Spain in 1817 in western Mexico. Though well known historic figures, they are not as well known as hero’s Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende.

A Military ceremony and parade will be held tomorrow and the urns will be taken from Chapultepec Castle to the National Palace where they will remain on display until they are placed back in the Independence monument in 2011.

After 200 years, Moreno and Rosales will finally get what Mexico’s national anthem promises those who defend their country: “a tomb of honour for them.”