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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 25, 2012

Help NCLR Combat Childhood Hunger This Holiday Season

Help NCLR Combat Childhood Hunger This Holiday Season

Photo: Latino child

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While most Americans celebrate the holidays with friends and family around crowded tables overflowing with home-cooked dishes, millions of Latino children and families will go to bed without any food in their stomachs.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) works to improve nutrition in the Latino community by increasing access to federal food assistance programs, resources, and education to ensure that families are able to meet at the dinner table for a healthy meal.  This holiday season, NCLR need your help to sustain these vital programs!

Families across the U.S. struggle to buy enough food for their children and are often forced to choose cheaper, less nutritious options. Latinos in particular have high percentages of food insecurity, early 40% of Latino children go hungry. This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to think about the millions of Latinos who face such disproportionately high rates of hunger and food insecurity.

Please consider making a generous year-end gift to help Latino families in need. Together, we can help ensure that they have access to healthy, nutritious foods so that no child goes to bed hungry.