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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 15, 2010

Health Program Launched By US & Mexican Billionaires

Bill Gates and Carlos Slim of Mexico joined forces with the government of Spain to create a five-year $150M health program for impoverished people in Central America and Mexico.  Each party will contribute $50M to the “2015 Meso-American Health Initiative” that will tackle inadequate prenatal care, malnutrition, vaccinations and revitalize existing programs to combat dengue and malaria in the region.

President Felipe Calderon and the Infanta of Spain, Cristina were all present in Mexico City for the unprecedented announcement.  Bill Gates, the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation and Carlos Slim have never worked together on philanthropic programs.  Both men trade places on and off the Forbes Richest List.  Currently Carlos Slim is number 1 and Gates number 2.


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