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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 2, 2012

Heading to a Quiceañera, Girl Falls Out of Party Bus Window, Dies

Heading to a Quiceañera, Girl Falls Out of Party Bus Window, Dies

Photo: Heading to a Quiceañera, Angie Hernandez Falls Out of Party Bus Window, Dies

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Angie Hernandez was celebrating her cousin’s 15th birthday on a party bus rented for the quinceañera in Portland, Oregon Saturday night when she fell out of the vehicle and died.

Hernandez, 11, is believed to have been sitting on top of the seat when she leaned against the bus’ emergency exit window as the bus turned a corner, causing her to fall out of the window. The windows are usually secured with two latches, but authorities are still investigating, and Five Star Limousine, the owner of the bus, says it never had problems with the latches before.

Upon hearing the young girl had died, the bus driver, Martin Brouwer, was said to have burst into tears. Local Fox affiliate KPTV revealed Brouwer did not have a commercial driver’s license, which is required when driving a vehicle which seats 16 or more.  The party bus is said to have been carrying 20 children and teens at the time of the accident.

‘We don’t know exactly how it happened,’ said Rick Lycksell, Five Star’s general manager. ‘It’s a horrible, horrible mistake and it really saddens and hurts all of us that this happened.’

The accident occurred around 6:30 p.m. at the corner of Southwest Harrison and First Street in downtown Portland. A memorial was set up near the accident site and a crisis team and counselors have ben made availible at the girl’s school.

Angie Hernandez was in sixth grade at Rowe Middle School in Milwaukie.