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Latino Daily News

Monday November 29, 2010

He Could be the Next Mexican President. She’s a Soap Opera Star. Together: Mexico’s Brady Bunch

The man who very well could be Mexico’s next president, Governor Enrique Pena Nieto, has married soap opera star, Angelica Rivera, this weekend in a ceremony regarded south of the border as “the wedding of the century.”

News of the wedding is all over Mexican press, Twitter and Facebook;  Analysts are watched the affair less for its impact on social media, and more for its effect on the 2012 election, which the PRI hopes will catapult it back into the presidency, which it lost in 2000. Pena Nieto is a PRI candidate and governor of the state of Mexico.

Early polls have the photogenic Peña Nieto, favored to win the presidency in 2012. Rivera, in the other hand has her own big fan base, and is known to many simply as La Gaviota, or Seagull, for her character in a soap opera on the Televisa network.

The wedding took place in Toluca, outside Mexico City and only 80 lucky couples were invited with their children. 

The lovebirds began working together in 2008, when Peña Nieto hired Rivera as the public face of a promotional campaign for the state of Mexico. Last year, he went public with news that they were a couple.

In December, Pena Nieto announced that the couple’s plans to wed had been blessed by the pope during a visit to the Vatican. (Rivera’s previous marriage to Televisa producer José Alberto Castro was not officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church because she got married on the beach instead of in a church.)

Peña Nieto’s wife, Monica Pretelini, died in 2007, a victim of an epileptic episode. Some detractors, though, have never abandoned suspicions that Pretelini killed herself, after initial media reports said she had suffered a drug overdose, and some even say Peña Nieto might have something to do with the death, since when asked about it by the police, he choked up and deflected.

“Gaviota, be careful of this man,” someone warned on Rivera’s Facebook page.

In the eyes of many, Televisa has all but openly admitted Peña Nieto to be its candidate for president in the next elections. Televisa produced the governor’s state-of-the-state address a few months ago, and a Televisa-owned magazine devoted a 25-page photo spread to the couple and their children, three his and three hers from their previous marriages.

Could it be that these Mexican Brady’s are going to be the next first family of México?


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