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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 2, 2011

Hate Crimes Up in New York State with High Anti-Semitic Sentiment and Low Anti-Hispanic Bias

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice has just released its Hate Crime report for the year ending 2009.  The report is a gauge of what is happening in the state in terms of hate crimes reported, the number of arrests for hate crimes and who the intended target of that hate is.

Overall hate crimes throughout the state increased by 14 percent.  Most hate crimes were motivated by anti-Jewish sentiment and took the form of vandalism.  Whereas only 6 percent of hate crimes were against Hispanics, the lowest percentage amongst ethnic minorities. 

There were 683 hate crimes reported and half of those were actual intimidation toward an individual and the rest were some form of vandalism.  When there was physical violence involved most of those assaults were against black individuals, followed by physical attacks on Jewish people.  Physical violence against Hispanic individuals came in at the lowest rate amongst ethnic minorities.