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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Hate Crimes Against Hispanics Up in Staten Island

A series of violent hate crimes against Hispanics has put the issue on the front burner in Staten Island,  one of the five borough of New York City.  A group of community organizations and the Mexican Consul General have come together to publicly discuss the issue.

The incidents started earlier this year with the violent baseball bat beating of Rodulfo Olmedo, which left him hospitalized in critical condition.  Just last week another two Hispanic man were attacked walking, in separate incidents, in Staten Island and berated with racial slurs.  Alejandro Galindo, a Mexican day laborer was brutally attacked last month as was a 18-year old Puerto Rican the same day; the attack left the unidentified youth in a coma. 

The pervading fear amongst Mexican nationals and Hispanics in general is prompting the community activism and public outcry.  The well-known Reverend Al Sharpton has not been spared, receiving death threats for his opposition to Arizona SB1070.


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