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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 30, 2010

Harry Reid and Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle in Razor-Close Race

Despite Obama making several trips to Nevada to rally support for Harry Reid, anti- Washington ire leaves Reid in danger on Tuesday. If Reid looses, he will be the first US Senate majority leader in 58 years to be voted out by home-state voters.

Nevada’s economics are amongst the weakest in the nation. With the highest jobless rate in the country at 14.4 percent, compared to 9.6 nationally, employment is a major issue.  Nevada also has the highest home foreclosure rate in the country.

Reid has played a major role in pushing the Presidents agenda through Congress, including the massive healthcare plan and immigration reform.

Democrats were thrilled when Tea Partier Angle won the Republican primary, assuming her views on privatizing Social Security and other issues were too extreme. But disdain of all things “Washington” have left Reid without his historical support. As candidates move into the last weekend before the election, Reid and Angle are in a razor-close race, too close to predict.

Reid spent six years in the House of Representatives and 24 in the Senate, becoming Senate minority leader in 2005 and rising to majority leader two years later.