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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 22, 2010

HAPPENING NOW:  Judge to Decide if AZ Law to Go Into Effect

July 23:  Judge Bolton has not ruled on the matters before her from civil organizations and the Department of Justice.  She did rule that there would be no cameras allowed in the courtroom and reserved the right to accept or deny portions of the civil organization’s suits that represent various civil and immigrant rights organizations.

Late Afternoon:  Judge Bolton’s line of questioning focusing on the amount of time someone would be held while their immigration status is being checked with Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials.  Typically anyone stopped on a minor offense is cited and immediately released,  the language in SB 1070 does not allow for that.  Attorney’s for civil organizations faced questioning on the extend of “harm” SB1070 can do to someone.  If a law is harmful it can not be enacted and it is too early to measure the harm of S B1070.

Late Afternoon:  Attorney’s for the ACLU and other civil rights organizations and the State of Arizona have concluded their arguments and the Judge will break for lunch.  It is not known when the Judge will render a verdict.  The Department of Justice will bring its arguments before Judge Bolton after the break. 

Afternoon:  120 spectators fill court room in two part hearing process.  Hearing is underway for part one of the process which is whether Arizona can implement SB 1070 on July 29 and whether to dismiss the various civil groups, ACLU included, suits calling for the block.  Later this afternoon the Judge will hear from the Department of Justice and their “preliminary injunction” to block the implementation. 

July 22nd, Morning:  U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of Arizona arrives in court ready to hear arguments from the U.S. Government and others who are suing the state of Arizona to stop the implementation of SB1070 on July 29, 2010.  30 protesters stand outside in prayer formation, hundreds of others protest and half dozen came with handguns clipped to their hips all awaiting the judges decision.

Photo Credits: My Fox Phoenix


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