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Latino Daily News

Friday October 28, 2011

Halloween Reminder from Hispanic Dental Association

Halloween Reminder from Hispanic Dental Association

Photo: Hispanic Dental Association Halloween Candy Warning

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For many families, Halloween is pure, sweet fun.  This year, the Hispanic Dental Association and Oral Health America remind families to think of their teeth while enjoying Halloween treats.

“Halloween presents an opportunity to enlist parents in helping children care for their teeth year-round,” says Dr. Yolanda Bonta, Executive Director, Hispanic Dental Association. “That special brushing time on Halloween night should be a twice-daily activity!  Young children need help in cleaning all the hard-to-reach places where sugars and plaque gather in the mouth.  As kids age, they still need frequent reminders about brushing and flossing.”

A recent survey commissioned by Oral Health America, and sponsored by Plackers and Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait, found that most parents are concerned about caring for children’s teeth.  Sixty-eight percent say teaching children to brush and floss daily is among the most important health concerns for their children. At the same time, our economy is impacting dental visits: more than one-third (35 percent) of respondents, and even more Hispanic respondents (45 percent) who routinely visit the dentist have cut back. Families with younger children cut back more frequently.

“These findings highlight just how important preventive care really is,” said Beth Truett, President and CEO, Oral Health America.  “We have an unwritten agreement with our children that we will keep them healthy and safe.  Without routine dental visits, we put our children at risk for harmful tooth decay.  Communities need to work together to support parents in accessing the dental education and care they need.”

As the leading voice for Hispanic oral health, the Hispanic Dental Association provides service, education, advocacy and leadership for the elimination of oral health disparities in the Hispanic community.