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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Gunmen Kills Six People Including Two Children in Mexico City

Gunmen killed six people, including two children, at a house in the northern section of Mexico City, a Federal District Attorney’s Office spokesman told Efe Tuesday.

The shooting occurred on Monday night in Cuautepec el Alto, a neighborhood in the Mexico City borough of Gustavo A. Madero.

Three adults and two minors were prounounced dead at the scene, and a fourth adult died while being treated at a nearby hospital.

The victims were all apparently members of the same family, the DA’s office spokesman said.

The victims were identified as Ana Laura Martinez, 40; Maria del Rosario Serrano, 55, and Susana Hernandez Serrano, 35.

Another victim has been identified only as Erick, 22, the DA’s office spokesman said, adding that the two minors, whose names have not been released, were ages 3 and 15.

The homicide unit of the Federal District Attorney’s Office is investigating the killings.

The murders may be linked to a settling of scores by drug dealers, District Attorney Rodolfo Rios said.

“Apparently, this is about revenge” for the murder of a suspected drug trafficker a few days ago, Rios said, adding that drug cartels were not operating in Mexico City.

The Mexican capital has been rocked in the past year by a series of violent incidents linked to the gangs that peddle drugs on its streets.

The crime that garnered the most headlines was the May 26, 2013, kidnapping in broad daylight of 13 young people from the Heaven bar in Mexico City’s upscale Zona Rosa district.

Investigators found the remains of the victims in a clandestine grave in Tlalmanalco, a city in Mexico state, on Aug. 22, 2013.

The bodies of the people snatched from the Heaven bar were discovered by federal authorities pursuing leads in a firearms case unrelated to the Heaven bar kidnappings.

Investigators found the mass grave - covered with cement, asbestos and lime - on the La Mesa ranch in Tlalmanalco.

The mass kidnapping and killings were a reprisal for the May 24, 2013, murder of Horacio Vite Angel, a reputed member of the La Union de Insurgentes drug gang, by the rival La Union de Tepito gang, officials said.

One of the people taken from the bar and killed, 16-year-old Jerzy Ortiz, was the son of Jorge “El Tanque” Ortiz Reyes, the jailed boss of La Union de Tepito, officials said.

Tepito is the crime-ridden downtown Mexico City neighborhood where most of the victims lived.


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