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Latino Daily News

Monday July 21, 2014

Gunmen Attack Sandinista Bus Caravans Killing 5, Wounding 25 in Nicaragua

Gunmen Attack Sandinista Bus Caravans Killing 5, Wounding 25 in Nicaragua

Photo: Scene of accident (Luis Eduardo Martínez)

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At least five people died and 25 others were wounded in attacks staged by unknown gunmen on caravans of buses carrying hundreds of Sandinista supporters, authorities of that Nicaraguan party said Sunday.

The first incident occurred about midnight on Saturday in the town of Sebaco, Matagalpa province, 72 kilometers (45 miles) north of Managua, when a group of unknown gunmen opened fire on the bus caravan, killing four people and wounding 24, the Sandinista political secretary in that region, Sadrach Zeledon, told reporters.

The bus caravan was en route to the town of San Juan de Limay, in Esteli province, after passengers had participated in Managua in the 35th anniversary celebration of the Sandinista people’s revolution, Zeledon said.

The dead included two men and two women.

Twenty-four injured people, including four in guarded condition, were transported to the Matagalpa regional hospital, the party leader said.

A second attack on another Sandinista bus caravan in the town of San Ramon, Matagalpa province, left one person dead and another wounded, Zeledon went on to say.

“The indignation we have is deep and it fills us with a great impotence to see how such a cowardly, criminal ... massacre took place,” he said.

Meanwhile, the political secretary for the governing Sandinista National Liberation Front in the northern province of Esteli, Francisco Valenzuela, demanded justice for the “massacre,” which he called “a terrorist act.”

Police said that they are investigating the incidents, but they refused to provide any additional details about their efforts.


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