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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 6, 2011

Guinness World Record Book Says the 33 Miners are BOLIVIAN!

Guinness World Record Book Says the 33 Miners are BOLIVIAN!

Photo: 7th grader notices error in Guinness Record Book

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Guinness World Records broke the Guinness World Record for largest gaffe, after they published in their Español edition that the 33 miners were from Bolivia!

Chilean Seventh-Grader Paula Trujillo, was the first one to notice that the famous records book had printed that “for 69 days beginning August 5th 2010, 33 Bolivian miners survived 688 meters underground,” while Carlos Mamani is the only Bolivian miner of the famous group.Paula Trujillo, chile student, guinness world records mistake, HS-News

Amarilis Whitty, public relations manager for the Guinness World Records company traveled to Chile to apologize personally.

“Guinness World Records decided to come to clarify the situation in person. An error of this kind, in a publication more than 50 years old, is pretty embarrassing,” Whitty said, upon arrival in Santiago de Chile.

An erratum will be included in all 2012 editions of the book of Guinness World Records to amend the printed information about the rescue. “We are committed in our 2013 edition that we will bring to light the Chilean miner rescue, giving it a prominent place in the world,” said Whitty before highlighting other records held by Chileans, such as the world’s largest bunch of grapes and the world’s largest swimming pool.