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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 19, 2014

GUILTY:  Mexican Narco that Ordered Killing of U.S. Consulate Members

A Mexican narco who ordered a triple killing including that of a U.S. Consulate member and her husband has been found guilty in Texas.

Arturo Gallegos “Guero” Castrellon a Barrio Azteca lieutenant was extradited from Mexico to the U.S. in 2012 to face murder charges in a foreign country amongst other charges that included drug trafficking and money laundering. 

The charges against Castrellon, 35, stem from the triple homicide on March 13, 2010 of U.S. Consulate employee Leslie Enriques, her husband Arthur Redelfs, and Jorge Salcido Cenicero, husband of another U.S. consulate employee in Juarez, Mexico.  The couple was leaving a children’s birthday party when gunmen fired on their SUV.  Later the same day after Cenicero and his two children left the same birthday party their vehicle was attacked by gunfire. 

Castrellon has admitted to ordering the killings but has never explained the motivation behind the assassination orders.  All the shooters were members of Barrio Azteca.  Some Barrio Azteca members have testified that they believed U.S. Consulate employees were working with their narco rival Los Zetas, other have said it was a case of mistaken identity.

Evidence showed that Castrellon was the head honcho of a group of paid assassins that carried out the killings.  A total of 35 defendants were charged in the triple murder with Gallegos viewed as the mastermind of the killings though not the actual shooter.  Authorities believe the Barrio Azteca street and prison gang is responsible for over 800 killings in Mexico in an eight month period from January through August, 2010. 

Upon Castrellon’s arrest authorities said, “All the instructions for the murders committed in Ciudad Juarez pass through him.”

It took jurors two hours to reach the verdict. 


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