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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 29, 2012

Guillermo Del Toro’s New Project

Guillermo Del Toro’s New Project

Photo: Guillermo del Toro is to option a script for The Bloody Benders.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Necropia Entertainment is teaming up with Angry Films in optioning the spec script by Adam Robitel called ‘The Bloody Benders.’

This adds another project to the long list of ongoing movie work the Mexican director/producer has taken on his shoulders. In fact, Del Toro had just completed shooting the science fiction thriller ‘Pacific Rim’, and will be doing post-production for the next year on the film.

However, Del Toro was so animated and eager to move forward after reading the script. He even told the press ” It is a beautiful and brutal yet poetic story, based on a famous murder.”

The script by Adam Robitel, a protege of Bryan Singer (X-men), is a true story based on the Benders family who ran a hotel near the outskirts of the prairie land in Kansas. The guests who check in were robbed and then murdered by the Benders, who were never punished for their crime.

Del Toro also found the story very alluring because of its contrast and hints of transition towards the age of modernity. He states, ” If you consider America back then, it was a great transition into modernity…” placing the murder as a tainted image of the quiet life.