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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 30, 2011

Guerrero Mexico Votes for New State Governor Today

Guerrero Mexico Votes for New State Governor Today

Photo: Mexico Elections

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Just one day after a mutilated body was left in Acapulco, thousands find their way to the polling stations in the heat to vote for either the incumbent part or the opposition, PRI.

“We’re just hoping there’s no violence,” said hotel worker Carlos Reyes as he waited to vote in Acapulco, the famed Pacific resort that is being terrorized by rival drug cartels.

The PRI ran the country for 71 years until 2000 but are hoping this election will give them momentum as they prepare for the 2012 presidential elections. The PRI candidate, Manuel Anorve, who resigned as Acapulco’s mayor to run, is up against a former PRI ally, Angel Aguirre, who switched sides to run for the PRD. President Felipe Calderon’s party is supporting the Leftist Party of Democratic Revolution, or PRD candidate.

Mexico voters are divided in an elections too close to call. Mexicans are very disappointed at a decade of the conservative and pro-business PAN, which brought democracy but has failed to generate enough jobs, improve education or end decades of corruption.