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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 25, 2010


ENVIRONMENT:  Criticism is mounting for President Alvaro Colom’s decision to renew drilling in Laguna del Tigre National Park, the largest tropic forest of Central America.  Many environmental groups are protesting the decision saying it violates Guatemala’s free-trade agreement with the U.S. calling for “respect” of the environment and eco-friendly practices. 

CRIME:  A total of six murders have occurred in the same exclusive sector of Guatemala City known as the Zona Viva, from Friday through Saturday.  On Friday two innocent by passers were killed with assault rifles as they walked in the capital city.  On Saturday four bodies of men were found bullet ridden in a car parked in the Zona Viva.  It is unknown if the murders are related and who committed the crimes, an investigation is underway.

BUSINESS:  Productos del Aire de Guatemala, Grupo Infra and Grupo Fabrias have announced a successful first year of operations as it supplies industrial and medical gases to most of Central America.  Its success has allowed it to increase capacity and start supplying the health sectors of Panama and Costa Rica.



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