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Latino Daily News

Monday November 21, 2011

Guatemala’s “Global Justice” Program Serves 1 Million Guatemalans in U.S.

Guatemala’s “Global Justice” Program Serves 1 Million Guatemalans in U.S.

Photo: Guatemalan Migrant Services

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The Legal Assistance, Defense, Protection, and Representation Program “Global Justice” (aka Justicia Global) of the Guatemalan Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates its third anniversary serving an average of one million Guatemalans in the United States.  During these three years there have been significant victories, which included:

* Family reunifications
*  U Visas for crime victims
*  Release of the unlawfully detained
*  Wage theft settlement

The program utilizes the PALMIGUA (Guatemalan Migrant Assistance Portal) website at www.palmigua.com which facilitates a variety of free legal consultations, educational and training tools.

  * DREAM ACT. Young Guatemalan students are represented by Justicia Global, such as student Fredd Reyes, who was released when he was about to be deported and managed to remain in the United States legally thanks to the program.
  * GUATEMALAN RECEIVES TREATMENT FOR CANCER. A young Guatemalan boy received $1.5 million dollars worth in promised cancer treatment when the facility where he was hospitalized was ready to discharge him leaving him without hope. Efforts from the legal support program resulted in the hospital to care for this young boy.