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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 29, 2010


SOCIAL ISSUES:  A recent study highlighted the prevalent hunger issue in the country, now effecting 98% of low-income households.  The San Carlos University study found that “food security” for many Guatemalan’s has declined especially the poorest, due to natural disasters like drought and severe rains.  Guatemala has 14million resident of which 52% live in poverty.

CRIME:  Three police officers and a Guatemalan female were gunned down in a restaurant in La Democracia a town located near the Mexican border.  The town has been overtaken by violence and drug cartels.  Thus far this year the town’s mayor was assassinated as well as numerous police officers and private citizens.  In these latest killings the police officers had just finished testifiying in court.

FINANCE: The government is giving up its effort to accomplish tax reform this year announced the country’s Finance Minister Edgar Balsells.  In spite of a growing budget deficit there is insufficient support for tax reform in the Guatemalan congress; tax reform efforts will resume in early 2011.


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