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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 24, 2010


• ENVIRONMENT:  Guatemalan seismologists have detected increased activity inside the Pacaya volcano that erupted last May.  The Pacaya volcano is located 18 miles south of the capital city and its last eruption resulted in three deaths.

• ARCHAEOLOGY:  Archaeologists in Guatemala have discovered a Mayan king’s tomb packed with well-preserved carvings, ceramics and children’s bones.  The tomb is thought to be from 300-600 AD and from the high point period of Mayan civilization.  A joint America-Guatemalan task force discovered the treasures while digging for antiquities in the ruins of Tikal, a popular travel destination for U.S. tourists.

• BUSINESS:  Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom announced renewed drilling for crude oil inside an environmentally sensitive national park.  The Laguna de Tigre National Park is one of Central America’s largest tropical rain forests and also holds one of the largest oil fields in the country that is managed by French interests.  German legislators considered this National Park to be so environmentally significant it offered the government compensation so they would not continue to drill there, an offer it refused.

• ENVIRONMENT:  Lake Atitlån, one of the country’s main tourist attractions is under siege by pollution from local farms runoff.  The Lake represents 20% of all tourist travel to the country which is on the decline.  Government action is slow due to limited public resources but the issue has drawn international environmental agencies to investigate and create solutions. 


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