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Latino Daily News

Monday July 26, 2010


FOREIGN AID:  The Canadian Government announced $1.5M in aid to Guatemala to shore up its justice and legal systems.  This is the second foreign aid of this type from Canada that is committed to reducing violence in the country and to “ensure [a] climate of security and justice”.  The foreign aid funds will be directed to police reform and border management.  The Canadian government has given $6.5M thus far in aid to shore up the country’s legal system.

MALNUTRITION: World Food Program recently urged several Central American countries to make child nutrition a greater focus.  In Guatemala the issue is of special concern, having the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin America.  50% of Guatemalan children under 5 are malnourished.

CULTURE:  The celebration of Guatemalan musicians, “Dia del Musico Guatemalteco”, concluded with mass and a concert featuring the country’s symphonies, philharmonic’s and choral groups.  There was a narration by Maestro Rafael Alvarez of the ‘History of Music in Guatemala’.  The celebration is one of the oldest and longest running in the country, tracing its origins back to 1813.

BUSINESS:  Due to the increasing violence in the country, Guatemalan insurance companies are seeing unprecedented growth.  In the past year 10.9% more life insurance policies were written and 59% more general home insurance policies purchased.  More employers are offering their employees life insurance as a basic benefit and other are seeking the policies on their own. 


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