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Latino Daily News

Monday December 27, 2010

Guatemala Continues Its Crackdown on Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Its Country

This weekend the Guatemala government captured nearly twenty-two alleged Los Zetas cartel members and confiscated their automatic weapons and small planes in a nationwide sweep.

Los Zeta’s are reported to be operating in the majority of the country’s region, manufacturing and distributing drugs.  More than 10 days ago the government of Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom declared a ‘state of siege’.

By declaring a state of siege the government is allowed expanded power to arrest, interrogate and forbid ‘assembly’ of those individuals causing the country’s state of siege.  Guatemala is a critical distribution point for the cartel’s which move drugs from Colombia through Guatemala to get it to Mexico to sell in the U.S.  Guatemala is also providing key recruits to the Zeta cartel membership especially formerly military members that are trained in jungle warfare.