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Tuesday August 9, 2011

Grieving (and Unhinged) Woman Eats Her Husband’s Ashes

Grieving (and Unhinged) Woman Eats Her Husband’s Ashes

Photo: Grieving (and Unhinged) Woman Eats Her Husband's Ashes

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In 2009, Casie married the man of her dreams, but just two and half years into the marriage, Casie’s husband Shawn died from a severe and sudden asthma attack.

Casie was the filmed as the season finale of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction: I Can’t Stop.”

In the episode she said she began eating her late husband’s ashes after she spilled some while transferring the remains to a more permanent urn.

“I didn’t want to wipe them off because that’s my husband, I don’t want to wipe him away,” Casie told TLC. “So I just licked it off my fingers.”

Two months later, and she’s still doing it, and says she “can’t stop.”

Though eating Shawn’s ashes may be the weirdest part of her addiction, Casie also has other “addictions.”

“I take my husband everywhere, to the grocery store, shopping, to the movies, out to eat. Anywhere I go, he goes.”

The widow even sleeps clutching the cedar-looking box containing the ashes.

Casie even said, “When I go grocery shopping, I buy the foods he likes. When I cook, I cook what he likes. I don’t eat it, but I cook for him.”

Through the episode, Casie is seen going through therapy to help her with her grieving and odd behavior. At one point she threatens suicide if not allowed to eat the ashes. At the end of the episode, TLC states Casie got over her suicidal thoughts about the ashes, and enrolled herself into inpatient therapy. She was not allowed to bring the ashes, and is under 24-hour surveillance, according to Jeebel.com.