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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 8, 2011

Greenpeace Accuses Mexico of Promoting “Predatory Tourism”

Greenpeace Accuses Mexico of Promoting “Predatory Tourism”

Photo: Greenpeace Accuses Mexico of Promoting "Predatory Tourism"

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Greenpeace, an international organization that prioritizes global environmental campaigns, has accused Mexico’s government of promoting “speculation and the destruction of ecosystems,” in the country, and also says the government has promoted a “policy of tourism completely incompatible with protection of the environment.”

In a public release, Greenpeace stated, “Authorities of different government agencies are dedicated to approving projects that do not comply with environmental regulations and criteria, they exhaust the resources of fragile areas and, far from making communities wealthier, what they do is impoverish them with their contamination, putting pressure on aquifers and creating a demand for short-term services and economies.”

Just before World Environment Day, Greenpeace denounced the four projects being prepared in Baja California Sur, Nayarit, and Sinaloa. The project in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, according to Greenpeace, is damaging the area’s marshes, “the most important system of wetlands on Mexico’s Pacific coast.”

And recently, Spanish tourism company Hansa Urbana was awarded a permit for a 27,000-room tourist development which environmentalists say would damage Mexico’s semi-desert zone.

Despite Greenpeace’s objections, none of the four projects have been canceled by President Calderon administration, but the organization says the four are the “most relevant” in terms of “predatory tourism.”