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Latino Daily News

Friday December 17, 2010

Got an iPhone? Then you Are one App Away from an Instant English-Spanish Translator! (VIDEO)

App developers Quest Visual, has released their new and oh so nifty iPhone application capable of instantly translating text by just pointing at it with your iPhone.  Thus far the application can only be used to translate english-to-Spanish and vice versa. 

The app is called Word Lens, and it is not yet perfected according to early users.  Sometimes you might get something that looks as though it was translated under the influence of tequila and peyote, nonetheless ninety percent of the time by using common sense you will be able to understand what the translator is saying. 

The Word Lens app itself is free, but the the language packs are on a $4.99 addon. A steal, considering how cool you’ll look around your friends when you whip out your Iphone and decode the intricacies of the menu in your favorite Tapas restaurant.