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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 9, 2011

GOP Rhetoric of “Crosshairs” and “Don’t retreat. RELOAD” Has to Stop

GOP Rhetoric of “Crosshairs” and “Don’t retreat. RELOAD” Has to Stop

Photo: Hate Crimes

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It is clear that Sarah Palin was in no way associated with Saturday’s event, but the killings are drawing focus on the language that is fuelling the current climate of hate. “Crosshairs” is a political phrase that Sarah Palin’s political action committee used to target the congressional districts for the TEA Party last election. One of the districts highlighted was the district of Rep. Gabby Giffords.

The Crosshairs is the scope on a gun and part of hunting lexicon.

However, following the initial controversy over the “crosshairs” last year, Palin issued her now oft repeated rallying cry, “Don’t retreat. RELOAD.”

No connection has been made between this graphic and the Arizona shooting, but it has put the Palin team somewhat on the defensive.

The anger, hatred, and bigotry in political debate can give these lunatics the courage they need to act on their beliefs. The tone of our public discourse matters, full agreement is not expected but respect should be.