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Latino Daily News

Monday April 18, 2011

Google Won’t Release Minority Hiring Numbers, Claiming it As a Trade Secret

Google Won’t Release Minority Hiring Numbers, Claiming it As a Trade Secret

Photo: Diversity at Google

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Several minority organizations are asking and protesting for Google to release its minority hiring statistics much like other telecom companies have.

Organizations like the Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles and the Black Economic Council feel blacks, Latinos and women are underrepresented at Google but can not substantiate the claim.

Last year the U.S. Department of Labor asked 34 Silicon Valley firms to voluntarily disclose their hiring practices and minority hires.  Of the 34, 12 responded and the others like Google claimed they were trade secrets.

What was apparent from the minority hiring numbers from firms like Intel, Cisco and eBay was that they were hiring low-cost labor from India over domestic minority groups. 

Google’s spokesman issued a statement saying

“Our philosophy has always been that a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures means better products for our users. That’s why we have an inclusive work environment and constantly promote diversity at Google, through scholarship programs, internship opportunities and partnerships with organizations working to educate the next generation of engineers and professionals.”

Last winter several minority organizations protested in front of Google headquarters urging they release the hiring information, next they plan to go to the Justice Department mandating Google be ‘transparent’.