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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Google Art Project Preserving Sao Paulo Street Art

Google Art Project Preserving Sao Paulo Street Art

Photo: Sao Paulo Street Art - Rui Amaral

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Google’s online platform, Google Art Project, that preserves art including urban art that might disappear at the drop of a hat has added street art from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Google’s platform allows the general public to go online to view high-resolution images of artworks it has gathered through its art partnerships.  This virtual collection not only contains urban art it also contains art that is located in museums throughout the world.

The São Paulo Street Art collection for the Google Art Project currently contains 189 pieces of artworks displayed in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil from 36 different artists.

Click here to see some of Sao Paulo’s most creative urban art pieces.  Our fave is an untitled piece by Rui Amaral.