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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 6, 2010

Good Samaritan Saves Abducted Girl

Good Samaritan Saves Abducted Girl

Photo: CBS, Victor Perez rescued kidnapped girl

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After seeing an Amber Alert Tuesday morning, and walking outside of his home, unemployed construction worker, Victor Perez, spotted the truck that had been identified in an earlier news broadcast as being that of a man who abducted an 8 year-old girl*, and acted quickly. Perez jumped into his car and chased after the kidnapper while his cousin stayed behind and called 911.

Not seeing the little girl at first, Perez began cutting the abductor off, but the man would not pull over.

“The second time I cut him off…the little girl stuck her head out and that’s when I said ‘OK, that ain’t your little girl right there,’” Perez told a reporter.

Jerry Dyer, chief of police in Fresno, said, “The suspect actually opened the passenger door and pushed the girl out of the car onto the roadway and then sped off.”

Perez stayed with the terrified girl until authorities arrived. While the girl was taken to the hospital to be reunited with her mother, police found the kidnapper’s pickup behind an apartment complex where they arrested the 24 year-old gang member on probation, Gregorio Gonzalez.

Unfortunately, the girl was sexually abused said Dryer, adding “She is doing fine physically. I think mentally, she’s going to be faced with a scar for a big portion of her life and she’s getting the assistance she needs, but when you consider what the outcome could have been, it could have been far more tragic, as tragic it was. We are very, very grateful and give thank[s] to God we were able to be part of this and able to rescue her. I know the mother and her family are very, very grateful for that, as well.”

The little girl was playing with friends outside a home on Monday evening when Gonzalez, driving a 1975 Chevy pickup truck, approached her. He then grabbed her and forced her into his truck and sped off.

Gonzalez is being charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

When called a hero, Perez said he doesn’t feel that he is, stating, “I just felt like I was doing my part, living in the same neighborhood as the little girl, I just [feel] like everybody should step up in their own communities and, when something like this happens, come together and try to do your part to help out. And, you know, I just thank God I was put in the right situation to do what I did. Thank the man above for that.”

*Due to the sexual nature of the crime, and for the privacy of the young victim, HS News has omitted her name.