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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 22, 2011

GOOD NEWS: Jose Olivares Lives in a California Mansion. BAD NEWS: He’s a Squatter, One of Many

Neighbors in the million dollar enclave of Huntington Beach, California were pleased to see one of the homes for sale finally of the market, the For Sale sign was gone and there was someone seen at the house.

The problem was, and it’s a growing one in California, Hoan Huu Hguyen and Jose Alfredo Olivares were squatters, claiming to have a lease on the vacant home.  In California a tenant cannot be evicted BEFORE the end of their lease if a home goes into foreclosure and many overstay those terms knowing the home does not have a buyer.  In addition banks are faced with so many foreclosed properties they are not all managed and supervised properly, leaving them vulnerable to squatters looking for a nice place to stay for free.

In this case Hguyen and Olivares created a fake lease for the $1.1 million property located two block from the ocean, moved in to the empty home (presumably by breaking in) and then proceeded to change the locks.  When the foreclosed home was sold the buying agent got suspicious and called police.