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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 21, 2012

Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco in New Telenovela about High School in the US

Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco in New Telenovela about High School in the US

Photo: Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco

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Mexican actor Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, who plays one of the leading roles in the telenovela “Relaciones Peligrosas” (Dangerous Relations), is delighted with his part in this groundbreaking production and its study of burning social issues.

“This is a novela that entertains while dealing with subjects that are so important right now,” he told Efe during an interview in Miami, where he lives while filming the Telemundo series.

“We all know about children and teenagers who are viciously bullied by other students just because they’re different. We’ve heard about the suicides and everything else it can lead to,” Garcia Vivanco said.

“There’s also the problem of drugs, of parental irresponsibility. That’s why this novela is so relevant for the times we live in,” the actor, who co-stars with Sandra Echeverria and Ana Layevska, said.

But the social theme doesn’t exclude romance and drama.

“Relaciones Peligrosas,” based on the Spanish television series “Fisica o Quimica” (Physics or Chemistry), explores the complicated and explosive relations that arise among students, parents and teachers whose lives intertwine at a bilingual high school in the United States.

Garcia Vivanco plays Juan Pablo, the new physical education teacher entangled in a passionate love triangle.