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Latino Daily News

Saturday December 11, 2010

Glacier Melting in Chile and Argentina Spurs Warning

Glacier Melting in Chile and Argentina Spurs Warning

Photo: Chile Wine Industry

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A report presented this week at the UN Climate change talks in Cancun Mexico warns that glaciers in Chile and Argentina are melting at the fastest rate. This is likely to have a significant impact on the amount of water available to the drier regions of Chile and Argentina where they have low amounts of rainfall.

“By observing the results of glacial studies we can deduce the effects of climate change on economies that are water driven such as Chile” says Pablo Retamal, Climate Change Officer at the British Embassy in Santiago.

“Mining, agriculture and energy are all subject to water availability. With scarcity of the resource, Chile’s economy will become limited in production and competition will start between each of the sectors.”

Glaciers have been melting worldwide for many years but the rate has increased significantly since the 1980’s. Climate changes can have severe impacts on various industries. The wine industry in Chile has seen companies move to more southern regions of Chile as they prepare for future water shortages.