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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 14, 2013

GiveForward to Latinos in Need

GiveForward to Latinos in Need

Photo: GiveForward to Latinos in Need

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Every day someone somewhere is struggling in ways many of us can not image and never wish to experience. As we count our blessings, let us also remember those less fortunate. Let us GiveForward to these Latinos in need.

- Bella Rodriguez-Torres
From her GiveForward profile:

Please help us fund Bella’s experimental treatments and medical expenses, so she may be CURED once and for all.

ImageAs you know, our 10 year old daughter Bella is fighting cancer again for the 5th time. We are desperate for a cure so that she may be healed from this horrible disease once and for all and live a long and healthy life. No donation is too small and will go directly towards her medical and travel expenses. We appreciate your support, love and prayers. Please help us reach our goal to help pay for her experimental treatments and medical expenses. This is our chance to finally find the treatment that will CURE her from her cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) forever! Thank you and God bless you, The Rodriguez-Torres Family

To learn more about Bella please visit www.PrayforBella.com



- Carlos Perdomo
Form his GiveForward profile:

The wife & friends of Carlos Perdomo are uniting to raise money to help with medical & other costs for a massive stroke. Please support him!
ImageOur only source of income is our business and we , like so many Americans, do not have any health insurance. The business is run by the two of us, we don’t have anyone to help with management, and I have been at his side since the moment they brought him in,so there is nothing coming in in the way of funds and there won’t be for as long as he needs me there ,which right now is looking to be at least an additional 4-6 weeks per the Doctors estimations. Expenses will be very high, they are already at $50,000 for hospital bills alone and that is not counting on the ambulance, physical therapy or other care he will need to receive when he eventually leaves the hospital.So far he has been in the hospital for only 8 days and the bill is mounting at a rate of approximately $1,000/hour.

Any help you can provide with donations of any size,big or small, will be greatly appreciated . Every aspect of this debilitating illness is costly. Not only financially; but mentally and emotionally. I do my best to help Carlos in his daily fight to live but need financial help. Any additional funds after reaching our goal of $80,000 will be applied to travel expenses and follow up treatments.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you,

Tamara Oyarzabal, Carlos’ wife.



- Aaron Ramirez (Beneficiary is his pregnant fiancé)
From their GiveForward profile, which was set up by his employer, Wood Group Field Services:

All contributions will go to help with funeral and medical/living expenses as Aaron’s fiancé is due to deliver their 1st child in March.

ImageOn January 19th 2013, Aaron Ramirez, just 22-years old, lost his life in a fatal motorcycle accident.
As the sole provider for his growing family (Aaron’s fiancé is due to give birth to their 1st child in March), Aaron joined the Millwright Union and began his apprenticeship with Wood Group Field Services. Hardworking, dedicated & driven, he quickly worked his way through the internship portion of Wood Group’s apprentice program and had recently been assigned to field work. According to his supervisors and fellow millwirghts, personally Aaron was “that guy you could always count on”, willing to give his last $5 if a friend needed it and respectable enough to never tell anyone. His passing is truly a tragedy as he was just beginning a new chapter in his young life, becoming a father, husband & provider for his young family.

Aaron was part of our family here at WGFS and we are all deeply saddened by his loss. In his memory, we have set up this fund to help his family pay the overwhelming funeral expenses and help his fiancé, Jeana, with her medical/living expenses as she welcomes their baby in March without Aaron. All money raised will go directly to the family. Please open your heart and give anything you can.

In addition to this donation fund, Aaron & Jeana have a baby registry at Babies R Us.
Jeana Ross and Aaron Ramirez’s Baby Registry
Registry # 49242425