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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 21, 2011

GIANT SINK HOLE Opens Under Guatemalan Abuelita’s Bed!

GIANT SINK HOLE Opens Under Guatemalan Abuelita’s Bed!

Photo: Giant Sinkhole under woman's bed!

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65 year old Inocenta Hernández had the scare of a lifetime on Monday, when a 3ft wide, 40ft deep hole appeared under her bed!

The Hernández family has lived in the same house for 50 years; Mrs. Hernández, a widow, ushered her family outside the home after hearing a terribly loud explosion sound.

“Even the lights went off for a second,” she said “we thought it was a neighbor’s gas cylinder, or some kind of transit accident outside.”Image

But when the woman and grandchildren got outside the house, they were met by several neighbors that assured the explosion had come from inside their home.

“A gentleman told me the explosion had been in here, so we checked the house and found it under the bed. Thank god we only got some material damage, my grand children were playing around there, coming in and outside that room into the patio.”

Sink holes are natural depressions in the earth and can range anywhere from a few feet to hundreds of acres wide.

Hernández said that officials from the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction, the Municipal Water Company and agents of the National civilian Police have visited her home, and recommended asking the municipality for assistance.