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Sunday July 3, 2011

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Brings Thousands of Protesters to Street

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Brings Thousands of Protesters to Street

Photo: Protesting Against House Bill 87, Anti-Immigration

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Yesterday, Georgia saw thousands of people protesting against the newly enacted immigration laws, in spite of some aspects of those laws being challenged in court.

The Georgia capital was the scene of pro-immigration, anti-House Bill 87 protesters rallying for immigration reform.  The crowd estimated between 8,000 to 14,000 is standing up against the new immigration law that took effect Friday authorizing police to check the immigration status of any one they stop, similar to Arizona’s SB1070.  Early last week a judge blocked key parts of this law.

Georgia’s Bill 87 also authorizes police to detain illegal immigrants which is usually the preview of federal agents.  Also in Georgia it is now a felony to use false documents to obtain a job and an immigration review board has been created to make sure government officials crack down on illegal aliens.

Saturday’s protest came on the heels of Friday’s ‘Day without Immigrants’ organized by immigrant human rights organizations.  Georgia like Arizona and other states continue to argue it is their right to establish immigration law which is typically a federal mandate.

In the past the state has faced calls for a national boycott and boycott of the state’s famous vidalia onion.  Meanwhile the farm industry is facing a farm-worker shortage crisis as more documented and undocumented immigrants leave the state - the Governor has called on the state to use convicted criminals to work the fields